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It’s the end of the line here at Working With Me, and the start of a brand new journey over at The Code Train.

For various reasons I’ve decided to start afresh with a new blog that I’m actually going to be writing content on this time, I promise. So, pop over to The Code Train, update your feed readers, leave me some comments and make me feel loved :)

permalink | 24 September 2008

How to make “Genius” Playlists work on the iPhone

So, yesterday the 2.1 firmware came out for the iPhone. Amongst other things, it promised the ability to use Genius Playlists on the phone itself. Hooray, I thought. Except that the blooming things wouldn’t work for me. Oh dear….

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Twitter Bots

So, this last weekend was BarCamp Brighton 2. I’ve already posted about that elsewhere, but what I haven’t blogged about yet is my talk. Recently I’ve been playing around with Twitter Bots. I had a need to be able to…

Continue reading “Twitter Bots” | 19 March 2008

Ignoring Bots in IRC Channels using Colloquy

I’ve recently started using IRC again. Unfortunately, one of the channels that I use is somewhat infested with bots. This is a pity because when there’s signal in the channel it’s very useful stuff to be aware of. So, instead…

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GZipping Web Content for Fun and Performance

I’ve known about the benefits that gzipping the content on my sites would give me for quite some time (files are zipped up as they travel to your users, making them faster to download and leaving you with a smaller…

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A Useful CVS Status Checker

cvs status 2>/dev/null | grep Status: | grep -v “to-date” That’s what I use on the command line to see which files aren’t up to date within my CVS tree at work (at home I use SVN, which in my…

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Syncing the Next n Unwatched TV Shows to your iPod, AppleTV or iPhone using iTunes

Storage space on an iPhone is at a premium. There just isn’t enough space on it to be able to store an entire season of a TV Show that you’ve ripped from the DVDs you bought. But then, there shouldn’t…

Continue reading “Syncing the Next n Unwatched TV Shows to your iPod, AppleTV or iPhone using iTunes” | 8 December 2007

My First BarCamp

This last weekend I attended BarCamp London 3, at Google’s Headquarters. Even though I’d managed to get tickets for the previous two I’d wussed out at the last minute, thinking that I hadn’t got anything of worth to add to…

Continue reading “My First BarCamp” | 29 November 2007

Why I won’t be buying an iPhone

First off, lets get one thing straight. Generally, I love my Apple products. I have a MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini, a G4 iBook, a 160Gb AppleTV, a 30Gb iPod Video and a 1Gb iPod Nano so that I can…

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Would you like to start Working With Me?

I’ve been working in Yahoo’s London offices for just over a year now, and I’m loving it. Awesome people to work with, as much free coke as I can drink, good projects to work on and Pool, Foosball and Ping-pong…

Continue reading “Would you like to start Working With Me?” | 17 October 2007

Neil Crosby is engaged

To the very lovely Rebecca Courtley. More details to follow once we get back from our holiday……

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Moo Sticker Bubblifier

When brought out their stickers a couple of months ago, the ones from their sample book that I was most impressed with were the little speech bubble stickers with the oh so very “web 2.oh” phrases printed on…

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So, yesterday something I’ve been working on for quite a while went live. For the past couple of months I’ve been working on the front-end of the new search experience for Yahoo! Eurosport, and finally yesterday it went live. So,…

Continue reading “Proud” | 21 August 2007

It’s been a while…

So, it’s been a little while since I last blogged - bet you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, aren’t you? Me too…

Continue reading “It’s been a while…” | 14 August 2007

Open Hack Day

Well, I’m off to Yahoo! London’s (and The BBC’s) first Open Hack Day. I’m writing this on the tube, rain’s streaming down outside, and I couldn’t be happier. Inspired by last year’s Open Hack Day in the states, this year’s…

Continue reading “Open Hack Day” | 16 June 2007 - Marvelously speedy service

I’ve used a couple of times in the past. I got a free set of ten cards when they first launched, I did the same when they had a ten free cards promotion with Skype, and I bought myself…

Continue reading “ - Marvelously speedy service” | 26 May 2007

Everything I know about Internationalisation I learnt from Eurovision

Well okay, that’s not quite true. As I’m sure most of you are aware, last saturday was [Eurovision][1] and like many people I watched it with friends (and with a large drink in my hand). What I did that most…

Continue reading “Everything I know about Internationalisation I learnt from Eurovision” | 20 May 2007

Hacking AntiRSI

I love AntiRSI. It’s a little application for the Mac that watches when you’re using your computer and then tells you to take a break at appropriate times. One of the nice things about using AntiRSI is that when…

Continue reading “Hacking AntiRSI” | 24 April 2007

Powerpoint Karaoke

Last night I took part in London’s first Powerpoint Karaoke night. Basically, the premise was that you got to present some Powerpoint presentations that you’d never seen before, hopefully injecting a little humour along the way. These were all…

Continue reading “Powerpoint Karaoke” | 24 April 2007

Win an iPod Shuffle!

Since I launched two months ago, it’s been doing really quite well for itself. Since launch more than 2000 reviews have been written, by more than 130 different users. But I want more. So, this month I’m running a…

Continue reading “Win an iPod Shuffle!” | 2 March 2007

Tip of the Day - YUI Slider Control

Here’s my tip of the day - if you’re using the YUI Slider control, don’t forget to set the width and height of the DIV that contains your slider thumb to the size of the IMG that actually displays your…

Continue reading “Tip of the Day - YUI Slider Control” | 6 February 2007

I’m a few days late to the party, but here’s my Christmas Present for the world this year - The concept of the site is simple - you write reviews that are exactly ten words long.

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Technorati - Gaming the System (unintentionally!)

A little while ago, it came to my attention that my little site is ranked quite highly on Technorati. At the time of writing, it’s apparently ranked 1753 out of god only knows how many blogs in the world…

Continue reading “Technorati - Gaming the System (unintentionally!)” | 26 November 2006

Changing a file’s icon in Mac OS X in 5 easy steps

A couple of days ago, I came across the problem that I wanted to be able to set the icon of a file that I was going to open under OS X independently of the application that was going to…

Continue reading “Changing a file’s icon in Mac OS X in 5 easy steps” | 16 November 2006

It looks like a purple people eater to me…

I’ve been in London for exactly one year and one week now, and it’s been an interesting ride.

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comments (3) | write a comment | permalink | 12 November 2006

Blackout London

I’m a child of electricity. Pretty much everything I do, every day of my life relies on electricity in one form or another and that’s probably not a terribly good thing. That’s why I, along with hopefully a fair few…

Continue reading “Blackout London” | 28 October 2006

Microformats - A WSG Meetup in London

Coming up on the 19th October (the show starts at 19:00, but get there for 18:30) is the long anticipated WSG Microformats meetup at Westminster University’s New Cavendish Street Campus. Organised by Stuart Colville, the line-up this time features…

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d.construct deconstructed

(Sorry about the title, it had to be done.) So, last Friday I went to the second annual d.construct conference down in Brighton. The main thrust of the day was that APIs are good, you should definitely be using them…

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comments (2) | write a comment | permalink | 11 September 2006

“F*ck ‘em!”, says Patrick H. Lauke

Well, okay - he didn’t quite say that. Yesterday was the first Geek in the Park event, organised by the Multipack, up in Royal Leamington Spa. Even though it was about three hours away from where I live in London,…

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Apple Battery Recall

Just in case you haven’t been told by someone else yet, Apple are recalling a load of G4 iBook and Powerbook batteries. If your battery is one of the ones affected, you simply fill in the form on the Apple…

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comments (4) | write a comment | permalink | 26 August 2006

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