workingwith.me.uk is the brainchild of standard evangelist Neil Crosby. It’s where I like to talk about the things I’ve learnt, the things I’ve seen, and the things I think will help other people.

The site was set up in early 2004 when I wrote my article about serving XHTML documents with the correct mime type. Since then I’ve written a few more articles - whilst I might not be the most prolific writer in the world I do try to keep a consistently high quality to my work. This was reflected in the fantastically high numbers of visitors coming in to read my beginner’s guide to mod_rewrite from digg and del.icio.us over the new year and latterly by the fantastic take up of my Standardista Table Sorting module.

Over the coming year I’m expecting to be devoting myself to learning a lot more about JavaScript, and that should be reflected in my writing.


about wwm

workingwith.me.uk is a resource for web developers created by Neil Crosby, a web developer who lives and works in London, England. More about the site.

Neil Crosby now blogs at The Code Train and also runs NeilCrosby.com, The Ten Word Review and Everything is Rubbish.