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If you’d like to give me something for free, then I’ll quite happily review it. Obviously the readers of the site will be more interested to read the review if it’s about something that they’re likely to be interested in, but I’ll review just about anything.

Just contact me in the normal way, and we’ll go from there.

permalink | 30 January 2006

Something screwy is going on - who do I complain to?

Unfortunately I cannot test the website in every web-browser on every system. Because of this, if you do find anything which seems to be going wrong with the website, please send me an email….

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I like your site - can I link to it please?

Of course! If you do though, please tell me so that I can get a nice warm glowing feeling inside.

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Can I advertise on workingwith.me.uk?

If you would like to advertise on workingwith.me.uk, please e-mail me with your proposal. Obviously advertisements for sites or services which align with workingwith.me.uk’s purpose will be more likely to be accepted than those which have nothing to do with…

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You’ve made a mistake - how can I tell you?

E-mail me. If there’s anything you find wrong, however small, please tell me. I want this site to be the best that it can be! If the issue is with an article or blog entry however, please leave a comment…

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What is this site about?

workingwith.me.uk is a way for me to share the things that I’ve learnt about computers, programming, and the internet. Sometimes this will come in the form of a blog entry, other times it will be an article. I like to…

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