Microformats - A WSG Meetup in London

Microformats.org needs you!

Coming up on the 19th October (the show starts at 19:00, but get there for 18:30) is the long anticipated WSG Microformats meetup at Westminster University’s New Cavendish Street Campus.

Organised by Stuart Colville, the line-up this time features Drew McLellan, Jeremy Keith and Mark Norman Francis who’ll be running us through the “What, Why and How” of Microformats.

Unlike the first WSG meetup in London, this one isn’t going to cost you anything - Stuart’s managed to finagle the lecture theatre for free! That said, you do still need to sign-up at upcoming.org so that there’s some idea of numbers.

It should be a good evening. Come along, drag your workmates along, and learn something new. And most importantly, don’t forget to stay for drinks afterwards!

More information can be found on the WSG London mini-site. The picture used in this post is one I put together after snapping Jeremy Keith pointing at someone whilst talking about microformats at d.construct last month.

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  1. by Ross Bruniges on October 19, 2006 07:11 PM

    Oh man - I am missing SOOO many of these events recently!

    I am thankfully (well kinda) back from South Africa and I had an awesome time, however first night back in London has seen me catch food poisoning!!!!!!

    Hope to see you at the geek dinner (if I get better)

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