Would you like to start Working With Me?

I’ve been working in Yahoo’s London offices for just over a year now, and I’m loving it. Awesome people to work with, as much free coke as I can drink, good projects to work on and Pool, Foosball and Ping-pong tables to play on. What more could a boy want? Not a lot really.

And, guess what? We’re looking for six more awesome people to come and join us in making super awesome websites that will be seen by countless people around the world. If you’re a web-developer with good all-round skills, are always willing and wanting to learn new things and are happy to be working in London’s groovy West End then I want to hear from you! Drop me a line and your CV at neil [dot] crosby [atatat] workingwith [dot] me [dot] uk and I’ll pass on your information to those who need it.

The people we’re looking for will have good (X)HTML, CSS and JS skills, will know their way around PHP, and knowledge of Perl, Flash, XSLT etc would obviously be a bonus.

So, don’t delay - act today! Send me your details (or get your friends to if they’re looking for a fantastic new place to work) and we’ll see what happens :)

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