It’s been a while…

So, it’s been a little while since I last blogged - bet you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, aren’t you? Me too…

My last post was about Yahoo!’s open Hack Day, and I’ve got to say it was a huge success. I worked with Steve, Aral and Carin and together we managed to come up with a badge for The Ten Word Review that users could put on their own sites to show off their reviews. I’m hugely impressed with what they managed to come up with, and it just goes to show what a few great people can come up with in one day.

The Ten Word Review is still going strong, and I’m working to get some new features in there at the moment to make changing your user icon a lot easier - letting you pull in your icon from other social networks that you belong to. Slightly further along the line is going to be the concept of “chums”, allowing you to follow the reviews of just the people you know if you like. There’s a fair bit on the roadmap, but finding the time to do it all is incredibly difficult.

Talking of available time, part of the reason that there haven’t been any updates around here for a while is that Becca and I have just moved house from New Cross in London out to Sunny Bedford. This has added a fair bit to our commute, but it’s set to give us a much better quality of life. For less than we were paying for a little one bedroom flat in London we’ve now got a sizeable three bedroom house (two of them double rooms) with a lovely big garden (although it is mostly overgrown at the moment). We’ve been living here for almost two weeks now, and I’m loving it - it’s so easy to get around, feels like we’re living in a small town again (because we are), and all around us is greenery. So, we might be having to leave the house at 7am to get back at 7pm, but that just doesn’t seem to matter to me.

Part of the reason that the extra commute doesn’t really bother me is my new laptop that I got from Mike. I say new, but it’s actually a rather old (but lovely) little B112 Lifebook. This thing is tiny. No, really - tiny. You could fit two of them into the space a 15” MacBook Pro takes up. It also has a very sexy touchscreen. Okay, so it does run Windows 98 (first edition!), but nobody’s perfect. Right now I’m writing this blog entry on it, but I’m intending to get a dev environment set up on it so that I can work on improvements to The Ten Word Review on it on the train.

So, that’s what’s been happening to me over the last couple of months - exciting, wasn’t it? Hopefully I should be able to start blogging a bit more often now, but don’t count on it!

Oh, and this is the site’s 200th entry!

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