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I’ve used a couple of times in the past. I got a free set of ten cards when they first launched, I did the same when they had a ten free cards promotion with Skype, and I bought myself a pack of 100 cards for The Ten Word Review. Each time, the quality was good (more so for graphics than photos I’ve found) as was the speed of delivery. When moo misprinted my Ten Word Review cards they emailled me about it and gave me a new estimation of how long the cards were going to take. This was A Good Thing to do - it kept me in the loop, and kept me happy.

Fast forward to last tuesday. announced that they too were doing cards with moo, and that there were another bunch of 10 cards up for gabs to Livejournal paid users. So, I popped over to moo to see what I could make for myself this time. Unfortunately, given that livejournal is about 17 kajillion times bigger than moo, the influx of new freebie hunters overwhelmed them, and the site was more than a little unresponsive. No matter, thought I, and went to bed. The next morning I got up and tried again - and this time the site was working. Hooray! I put together my cards, fired off the order and thought nothing more of it.

Then yesterday - friday, a mere three days after ordering them - my new cards arrived. I’m incredibly impressed that moo managed to get them out so quickly, especially with the massive influx of people coming in from livejournal-land. So, kudos and respect to moo!

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