Blackout London

I’m a child of electricity. Pretty much everything I do, every day of my life relies on electricity in one form or another and that’s probably not a terribly good thing. That’s why I, along with hopefully a fair few other Londoners, will be taking part in Blackout London – a demonstration of people power where for two hours the whole of London is encouraged to turn off all non-essential electrical equipment and then continue as nature intended.

Blackout London will commence at 16:30 on 4th November – just as sunset begins – and aims to dim London enough that the effect will be able to be observed from space, as well as reducing the UK’s energy consumption by enough for that two hour period that it hits the national news.

However, just because the demonstration is called “Blackout London? that doesn’t mean that only people from London should be turning their electrical equipment off – frankly everyone should. Turning everything off for a couple of hours at home shouldn’t be a realistic problem for many people at all.

I’ll be turning everything off on the 4th. Will you?

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