Link Clearout

Right - it’s time for a bit of a link clearout. These are links I’ve been sitting on for a while, thinking that I’d end up writing something insightful about them, but never got round to it. So, here goes…

permalink | 7 January 2006

Some CSS Links

CSS Zen Garden If you’d asked me a couple of hours ago if I thought that there was anyone who was interested in designing websites who didn’t know about the CSS Zen Garden, I’d have given you a bemused…

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comments (3) | write a comment | permalink | 12 October 2005

Link Dumps and Anniversaries

Forgive me for link dumping instead of writing a proper entry yet again, but today is my one year anniversary with my girlfriend. So, really, there’s more important things to think about than writing a full entry :) Did…

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Quick Links

Handcoding Web Pages A great treatise on why it’s often a good idea to hand code rather than relying on WYSIWYG programs. Improving Link Display for Print A nice way of using JavaScript to create footnotes showing where links…

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Today’s Quick Links

A List Apart gets a facelift I like the new look. Maybe they’ll start getting a few new articles now? Internet Explorer is 10 years old We all know that it’s been 4 years since there was last a…

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comments (2) | write a comment | permalink | 25 August 2005

Random Links

No time for a real entry? Here are a few things that I wish that I’d had time to write about over the last few days: IEBlog : Standards and CSS in IE Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 has…

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comments (8) | write a comment | permalink | 12 August 2005

JBOL - Just a Bunch of Links

Well, it’s time for another clearout of my “blog-it” folder. Some of these have been gathering dust for quite a while now, waiting for me to have the time to give them a proper write-up. But, as always, time…

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Wednesday Clean-out

Once again, it’s time for me to clear out my list of links that I keep meaning to blog about, but haven’t got round to. I might start doing this clean-out on a weekly basis now… Browser Speed Comparisons…

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Thursday Links

No real entry today, just a bunch of links that I keep meaning to post. I Ate iPod Shuffle - A geeky poem extolling the virtues of eating the Shuffle. Lego PC - Usable PC cases built out of…

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