Link Dumps and Anniversaries

Forgive me for link dumping instead of writing a proper entry yet again, but today is my one year anniversary with my girlfriend. So, really, there’s more important things to think about than writing a full entry :)

Did you say dogging or blogging- Brits confused
Now this was an eye opener, even though it shouldn’t have been. When the Colin Crosby Heritage Tours website opened, I was told by someone that they didn’t know what a “blog” was. Looks like they weren’t the only one. Tomorrow I’ll be replacing “blog” with “journal”!
Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with Firefox
A few tips and tricks for using the Web Developer Toolbar to the best of its ability.
Lifehacker’s guide to weblog comments
How to write comments in other peoples’ web-blogs - I need to pay attention to this!
Getting Rid of MS Smart Quotes
I had to use this recently for a CMS I was writing so that my client could copy & paste straight from Microsoft Word. A very useful little function.
Slashdot’s Validity
So Slashdot doesn’t quite validate? Frankly, with all the adverts they have to shoehorn into the site, they’ve done a pretty damn good job.
XHTML Character Entity Reference
A very nicely laid out table of HTML character entities. One to
A keyboard made entirely in CSS
An example of kooky CSS that I hadn’t seen before. Rather funky.

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