Wednesday Clean-out

Billy Bunny is sad that I decided to leave all of these links until now Once again, it’s time for me to clear out my list of links that I keep meaning to blog about, but haven’t got round to. I might start doing this clean-out on a weekly basis now…

Browser Speed Comparisons
A really quite in-depth look at how fast lots of different browsers are. SPOILER - Opera seems to be fastest pretty much across the board.
A parent’s primer to computer slang
Microsoft try to educate parents about how their children speak. “1f joo t4lk liek t|-|iz u w1LL pwnz0r ur k1dz”. Good lord, you don’t want to know how long that took me to type…
Five fast email productivity tips
Thankfully I don’t have that much email come through to me that I have to reply to, but I did pull a few things out of this article. For one, I’ve now stopped polling my email every three minutes, and dropped it down to every 20. It certainly seems like I’m being distracted less now.
Two-Finger-Scrolling with pre-2005 PowerBooks and iBooks
I’ve tried installing this on my iBook, and it seems to work like a charm. There’s now a handy dandy installer too, so if you looked at it before and were put off by the command-line-ishness of it all, you could do worse than to go back and have another look now.
How To Build Traffic To Your Blog
A list of things that you can do to build traffic to your site. It’s all fairly obvious, but it needs to be said now and then.
How to be creative
An absolutely huge list of things that have helped author Hugh Macleod to become more creative during his career. Hugh is a guy who draws cute little cartoons on the back of business cards.

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