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You know that I’ve been having some problems with Ghoulnet, my web hosts? Well, I decided this morning that I’d had enough of them not getting back to me about the broken log problem, so I rang them up and spoke to a nice chap called Jason. After finding out what my support request was, he told me that it had been passed on to the server support team, and that he knew for sure that they were trying to sort it out. This, at least, was promising.

When I asked Jason if he could put me through to someone on the server support team, I was told that they are “not accessible by phone”. That gave me cause to giggle - clearly they keep their geeks locked in a little room, with no contact with the outside world. I asked Jason if he could forward my concern that I’d not received any reply at all to my support request in the last 5 days, which he said he would. I’ve not received any comment back from the server guys, so I’m assuming that that didn’t happen. If the server logs haven’t miraculously got better in the morning, then I’ll add another bit to the support request, requesting that they do another 2 minute grep to manually extract my logs for me in the mean time.

Is it so wrong to expect that if you’re paying for a service that you’ll receive a certain level of service? Waiting 5 days for a reply to an email does not make me happy.

What does make me happy though is the ObjectGraph “As You Type” Dictionary. Basically, this works just like Google Suggest does, but is (to my mind) quite a bit more useful as instead of being given the number of results that a search will reveal, the dictionary gives you the definitions of words as you type. I’m really liking this technology.

EDIT: Oh yes, and I just completely forgot to mention the additions to the site for today. There’s now a search box on every page, and if you do try to go to a page which doesn’t exist, you’re presented with a list of pages which the system thinks that you might have meant to go to. I hope some of you find them useful.

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