Another Ghoulnet moan

I’d like to apologise to anyone who’s been viewing the top referers page over the last week or so. If you have been to look at it, you’ll have noticed that there, well, aren’t any referers showing up! This isn’t because people haven’t been coming to the the site, but because Ghoulnet (my hosts) have screwed up again. For the last week the log rotating script which they run has not been working for this site. I obviously cut them some slack because of it being the Christmas period, and it not being the most important thing in the world, and I was placated when they manually updated the web stats for me two days ago. However, when they did this, they told me that the automatic log rotator should now be working again, and that my logs would start updating the next morning. Three days (and three log update periods) later, and the logs are still just as old as they ever were. I logged a quick report request on the 3rd, informing them that the logs hadn’t come back on (because, you know, I’d want to know if there was a bug at my end if I’d said that something was going to work, and it then didn’t). I got no reply. I since the logs still haven’t started updating themselves again, I left another support request this morning. Still no reply.

Now, I’m not wanting to come across as someone who’s moaning for moaning’s sake, but I do check these logs whenever they are made available to me by Ghoulnet (which is supposed to be every day). I use them to track where my traffic is coming from, what I can possibly change to improve the site etc, and it’s really rather annoying when my ability to do that is constricted. All I want from them right now is to be told that they’re looking into the problem, and give me some indication of when it will actually be fixed.

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