Nine Fantastic Firefox Extensions!

Since I started my new job (one of the reasons for the amazing lack of posts around here lately) I’ve been doing a lot more web development on a day to day basis than I have in a couple of years. Until recently, I’d been getting by using just a couple of Firefox extensions - really just because I was doing so little development that it didn’t make sense to spend the time going and looking for the ones which would actually increase my productivity. Since I started this job, however, it’s made sense to start collecting a few extensions to help me save a little time and get more done. Here are my favourite Firefox Entensions of the moment:

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comments (3) | write a comment | permalink | 16 February 2006

Problems creating a SELECT box using the DOM in Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6 has lots of “issues” when it comes to displaying SELECT boxes. Last week I found one which manifests itself when you create a SELECT box using the DOM. Then I found a way to fix it.

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Web Developer Toolbar reaches 1.0!

The extension for Firefox, Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Toolbar had its version 1.0 release on saturday. What with the new year happening it’s taken me a few days to notice, but boy am I glad that I have now!…

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Firefox 1.5RC1 released today, and I have problems already

I’ve been using Firefox 1.5 beta 2 for a few weeks now, and I’ve been very impressed overall. The first thing that impressed me was the fact that instead of a getting a nasty little popup whenever a page…

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IE7 leaps and bounds better than Firefox? Not in a fair fight!

A couple of days ago I bought this month’s issue of PC Plus magazine (#235, October 2005). It’s the only computer magazine that I regularly buy; primarily because of Wilf’s Workshop, but also because it’s normally fairly balanced about…

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Opera goes Free!

Today is a day to be happy - the Opera Web Browser has finally gone totally free. Hot on the heels of giving away free registration codes to people for their tenth birthday party, Opera Software has decided that…

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Firefox 1.0.4

It’s time, yet again, to update your versions of Firefox - this time to 1.0.4. Really, I’m getting upgrade weary now. It’s clearly a Very Good Thing that as soon as security issues are identified they are being patched…

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New web browsers, new standards awareness…

New releases of the Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and Opera web browsers were released to the world this week. Whilst the Firefox, Mozilla and Safari updates were just point releases, they’re still pretty important to download if you’re currently using…

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New Firefox and Mozilla

Wow. You wait ages for one update to this site, and then two show up at once! Firefox and Thunderbird have both just been updated to version 1.0.2. These updates cover a few security bugs mostly, so it would…

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You use what???

Yesterday I remembered that I hadn’t upgraded my local copy of awstats since v6.2 (the current stable version is 6.4). The upgrade from 6.2 contained a few security bug fixes and things like that, but since I run my…

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Wednesday Clean-out

Once again, it’s time for me to clear out my list of links that I keep meaning to blog about, but haven’t got round to. I might start doing this clean-out on a weekly basis now… Browser Speed Comparisons…

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Obligatory Firefox Post

Firefox 1.0 Final has been released. Go update yourselves now if you’re already using it, and go give it a download and try it if you aren’t. The site is, understandably, being a little slow at the moment though. Keep…

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Firefox 1.0PR

So, Firefox has very nearly made it to version 1.0. What a milestone! And the revisions look good. I must admit that I’ve not spent too much time fiddling with it yet, but here are some of the things…

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Public Service Announcement

If you are using Mozilla, Firefox or Thunderbird on a Windows box, you should upgrade to the latest version now. The reason for this is a security vulnerability on the Windows platform involving the shell: protocol handler. It has…

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