Firefox 1.0.4

It’s time, yet again, to update your versions of Firefox - this time to 1.0.4. Really, I’m getting upgrade weary now. It’s clearly a Very Good Thing that as soon as security issues are identified they are being patched and new versions released, but an upgrade (rather than full reinstall) path would be very helpful. While 4.7-8.6Mb isn’t much for me with my connection, for many people it really is an issue.

Still, go update everyone - a couple of DHTML regressions have been fixed, as well as three critical security issues. Since Firefox 1.0 came out more than 30 security issues have been fixed, so if you’re one of the 8% of users to the site who are still running an old version please upgrade now! Likewise, if you’re one of the 45% of users who is using Internet Explorer and you have the ability to install Firefox, please give Firefox a try.

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