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Instead of getting on with a bit of work yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a little bit of time out, and google for stuff about google instead. The first link I came across was actually quite a useful one - a google cheat sheet contains a list of lots of stuff you’ll need to get a fair bit more out of google than you were able to before. Who knew that you could do a “safesearch:” from the query window? I didn’t!

After the intellectual high of actually finding a useful page though, things started going downhill, first with a google mirror, and then a load of pretend google logos - some of them are pretty funny, the others really not so. You get what you pay for though, don’t you?

To finish off, I wandered over to googlism.com to find out just what google thinks about me. Turns out I’m still “professor of land management at the university of reading”. That guy has been around online longer than I have! One day I’ll start beating him in the SERPs. My day will come. Oh yes, my day will come.

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