Google-X As reported in the Google weblog, Google have just given us a cutesy little interface which links to all of Google’s services - Google-X. Based on the design of the Mac OSX dock, it’s a nice, compact, and visually appealing way of getting links to all of Google’s searching services on screen at once.

Even though it’s just yet another Labs Experiment that will probably not actually make it out of the labs, it’s nice to see these little things popping out now and again. Oh yes, and don’t forget to go and wave your mouse over the top of the icons!

EDIT: Google-X has upped and vanished! I’m pretty sure that’s got to be about the shortest time that any Labs experiment has been live before vanishing. More news on ZDNet.

EDIT AGAIN: has created their own version of Google-X. This version features nicer resizing of the dock icons, except that they expand downwards rather than upwards, and the reduced sized icons look a little bitty due to browser resizing. A nice job though.

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