@media 2006 wannabe

Dammit - everyone who’s anyone is talking about going to @media 2006, “Europe’s foremost professional web design conference” which just happens to be being held just up the road from where I work. (I say just up the road - it’s actually a half hour tube ride away, but who’s quibbling?) The speakers are exactly the quality you’d expect from an event of this calibre, with Tantek Çelik, Molly E. Holzschlag, Roger Johansson, Eric Mayer and many more attending. It would be fantastic to attend, even though I wouldn’t be able to hear all of them speak because of the two track system they’re running this year.

The price though? £395+VAT - far too much for my little piggy bank to afford (even if everyone who dugg me last weekend had clicked on an advert, which they didn’t). And really, I don’t think there’s much chance of my employers sending me, even if I was told this afternoon that my work on my latest project was “utterly amazing”. Ah well, maybe next year.

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