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Well, November was’s best month yet. We’ve broken all records for all the statistics that awstats churns out, except for unique visitors. It’s no surprise that the unique visitors stat wasn’t beaten, since it skyrocketed back in June when the “Which HTML tag am I?” meme was released. Still, total numbers of visits, pages used, hits and bandwidth are all up on last month, and it looks like things should be continuing that way this month.

One thing that I’ve noticed this last month is that people have been staying on the site for a lot longer than they had previously. I’m going to put this down to the fact that there’s just more content than there used to be, and people are finding it interesting and useful. is #2 on google for “mod_rewrite example” now, which is frankly amazing. I’m really very impressed with that. Accordingly, it’s the number one search phrase for people to enter the site with. We’re also #1 for “meme quiz”, which is nice. We’ve dropped down to #10 for “xhtml mime type” and we’re at #5 for “php mime type”. Some work do do with moving those up the list then.

The future for the site this month includes the much fabled text shadows article. I know I’ve been promising it for a long while, but it will happen! I’ll also see if I can rework the Java and the iTunes COM interface REDUX blog entry into a full, structured article at some point. Code-wise, I’m going to build in redundancy into the blog, so that on the occasions when LiveJournal decides that it really doesn’t want to respond, there’s a local copy of the blog available. I should have done it previously, but it’s a case of YAGTNI - putting it off until it’s actually needed, which it now seems to be!

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