All change!

The more observant of you will have noticed that the site has just been given a massive facelift. Over the last month I’ve been working hard to port all of my old entries over to Movable Type and get version 2 of up and running.

What this means is that all data for this site is now stored on this site (rather than blog entries and all comments being stored on LiveJournals Servers, a situation I was never happy with). As befits a wholesale move of data, the site has also been given a brand new look and blog entries now have a new URL structure. I’m currently working on making sure that all the old numeric URLs get redirected to the new URLs so that no-one gets left with a 404 on a URL that used to exist. Obviously this will take a little time, but all the pages that people regularly look at should already have been done.

There are a few other issues I still have to play with before I’m completely happy with the site (including a couple of display issues on Safari 1.3), but these are going to wait for another day unless people start complaining at me. I’m just happy to finally have a site that I can easily update.

And yes, this does mean that there will be some bona fide new content soon!

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