Search Engine Visualisation

I found a link to a nice useful web page in my email this morning - a collection of visualisations of search engines and their results. Here are my personal highlights from this page:

Search Engine Chart (requires Flash)
Contains a chart which shows links between 22 top search engines. Useful for working out who feeds who, so that you know who you should be submitting your sites to.
TouchGraph GoogleBrowser (requires Java)
You entire a URL to start from, and a spider graph is created showing all pages which google thinks relate to your original URL. This is one that I’m going to play with a bit more in the future.
Yahoo vs Google results displayer (requires Flash)
Shows the top 100 results for both Yahoo and Google, and links results which link to the same page with a blue line. Handy for visualising how you and your competitors are doing in each engine.

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