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For quite a while now, I’ve been using a LiveJournal account as a permanent online store of links to webpages that I’ve found interesting and that I think I’ll find useful again in the future. The “problem” with this is that the links are really only benefiting me, since I’m the only person who knows about that LiveJournal account.

This morning, I found what seems to be a better way of cataloging these interesting URLS - calls itself a “social bookmarks manager” because all the links that are added to your own list are also collated into a massive, constantly updated, list on the homepage. Links that more than one person has added only gets shown once on the homepage, and the most popular links are brought together on the popular links page.

The breadth and number of links posted is impressive - at present the homepage only contains data for the last two hours, but this is still equivalent to approximately 250 links! Topics covered recently include PHP in contrast to Perl, banned cartoons and packaging Firefox/Thunderbird extensions. Clearly, there’s always going to be a computerly bias to the site, especially when it’s a little known secret, as it is now, but then there’s nothing wrong with that.

And how did I find out about Someone on there linked to this site, and I saw it in my logs. So, a big heartfelt thank-you to whoever it was out there who linked to me!

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