A Year of Stuff - The Good Stuff

I know that it’s a little early to start with the yearly retrospectives, but who cares? This entry is all about the good stuff that I’ve either aquired or been involved in this year. They all get my thanks for jobs well done.

  • The iBook. There are certainly no regrets about buying this baby. I’ve had it about two and a half months, and there have been no troubles to speak of. Combined with my wireless network, it’s utterly fantastic. When I’m desperate for the toilet, but in the middle of a train of thought whilst I’m working, there’s nothing better than being able to open up a VNC session on the iBook to the main PC and being able to carry on with what I was doing with no pause whatsoever. Of course, it’s fantastic for everything else too.
  • My ATI Remote Wonder remote control. This is another one of those purchases that I use every single day. It’s just so nice to be able to control my PC from across the room. Whilst it’s not much good as a mouse replacement (and why should it be?), it’s utterly fantastic to be able to change the volume of my music from bed, and play and pause DVDs etc.
  • Extreme Programming Applied. This was one of the recommended books for my degree this year, but for once I’ve already read it cover to cover. It’s a really easy book to read, and on occasions I found myself using it as my “book at bedtime”! Absolutely well worth reading if you’re going to have anything to do with Extreme Programming.
  • dabs.com. Earlier in the year, I bought a new 300Gb SATA hard drive from dabs. For some unknown reason, it decided that it didn’t want to play nicely with my motherboard, so I raised a ticket with dabs, who arranged to have a courier come and pick it up at their expense. So far, so normal. When they came to test it though, they found nothing wrong with it. What they decided to do then warmed the cockles of my heart - instead of sending it back to me as-is, and changing me for the two lots of postage, they decided to put it back into stock, and give me a FULL refund. No restocking fee. No charge for having sent it back to them, I just got a full refund. Needless to say, the next hard drive purchase I made was from them.
  • And last but not least, you readers. You’ve stuck with the site over the last friends, and more of you have been coming in every day. I’ve hopefully helped some of you with things that you were doing, and I know that some of you have helped me with getting things done. To you all, I say thank you.

So, who have your good guys been this year?

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