The anniversary meal

As I mentioned a couple of entries ago, I’ve been going out with Becca for just over a year now, with our anniversary being last thursday. It’s the first time that I’ve ever got to this stage in a relationship, and it’s scary and wonderful at the same time. Never before have I known so utterly that I want to be with someone. To celebrate the momentous occasion of our one year anniversary, we decided to visit The Case in Leicester for an evening meal. We’d asked a few people for their recommendations of places to go, and had had a couple of suggestions, but nothing jumped out at us. In the end, we followed a link on a random webpage, saw the site, and thought “that place looks the ticket”. While the site itself was nothing exciting, the restaurant was in a good location, the food sounded very nice, and what photography there was on the site showed off the restaurant well. So, we booked a table and went for our meal on the thursday evening.

It was superb.

There really was nothing I could fault with the restaurant at all (except that it was a little hard to find). The food was absolutely superb, bursting with flavour and with just the right size portions. The staff were excellent, friendly and jokey whilst not getting in the way of the conversation at the table. (Plus, the table had a candle on it, so that’s something to cross off the 101 in 1001 list.) In fact, everything was so excellent there that we ended up leaving a tip that was much larger than I’d ever normally consider for great service. I’d have no hesitation about recommending this restaurant to my friends. In fact, I’m really looking forward to going back there again fairly soon with Becca. In the mean time, I need to make sure I write a letter of thanks to the staff there for helping to make Becca and my anniversary go as well as it did.

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  1. by lushaholicpixie on October 7, 2005 10:36 AM

    Aww bless :)

    Glad you both had a great time!

  2. by greatred on October 7, 2005 02:18 PM

    Sounds excellent! I’m most jealous!

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