Mac Mini To Do List

This is just a rough list of things I need to get done to get my Mac Mini up to shape and doing the things I need it to. Once I’ve got things done I’ll move them down into the “Done” section with links through to how I solved the problems.

  • Write a script to automatically download the access logs and import them into awstats.
  • Work out how to play XVIDs etc with Front Row.
  • Get my O2 XDA Mini S (running Windows Mobile 5) syncing with the computer. Looks like I’ll probably have to buy a license to be able to use the pre-release alpha of The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile for $39.95. Unfortunate, but I’m pretty much over a barrel here.
  • Install Boot Camp so that I can dual boot into Windows and test sites in IE 7.
  • Stick a few backgrounds onto the the computer that can be cycled through nicely.


  • Make OS X recognise my British keyboard layout.
  • Install an RSS Feed Reader. I installed NetNewsWire. Just got to pay for it now ($19.95).
  • Buy a Flickr Pro account so that I can have an off site backup of my photos.
  • Work out how to upload to Flickr straight from iPhoto, and import all my photos both into Flickr and iPhoto.
  • Work out how to run a script when the computer wakes from sleep. This is needed so that I can remount the shared folder that my music sits on so that iTunes won’t reset itself. If all else fails, I’m probably going to end up buying Script Timer since it explicitly says that it “can schedule actions just before system sleep or just after wake up”. It only costs $12 too. I decided to go another way with this, and just connect up my spare 250Gb HDD to the Mini instead. I did try using Script Timer, and while that seemed to work, it didn’t solve the problem I was having with the connection to my shared folder keeping on dropping and not being able to reconnect. Hence using the external hard drive. Only problem with that was that it had previously been formatted with an NTFS filesystem - something that OS X can only read from, not write to. So, that’s now formatted as FAT32 so that both the Mini and my Windows box can perform read/write operations if they need to.
  • Get Open Office to work.
  • Get the media buttons on my Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 Standard Keyboard (and Mouse) working.
  • Install SVN with SSL.

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  1. by Phil on May 5, 2006 04:07 PM

    You need to take a look at Parallels! - runs windows in OSX, no speed lag! i can;’t live without it now.


  2. by Neil Crosby [TypeKey Profile Page] on May 7, 2006 09:21 PM

    Thanks Phil, I’ll take a look at that and see what I think.

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