Confessions of a Bath Product

This evening, at 8:11pm, terrorists attacked my bath.

It was my birthday on friday, and as one of my presents I got an orange Lush bath bomb. Now, being a sensible boy, I’d never actually bought anything from Lush before. I’d always seen it as a place full of overpowering smells that I would always be able to find a lovely present for my girlfriend from, but it really wasn’t a place that I would buy anything for myself from. So when I got the bath bomb on friday I was somewhat surprised.

Well, I’ve just had the bath that used the bomb, and it was… interesting. I’m normally a person who enjoys bubble baths, with their all-covering bubbles of concealment, so the idea of filling up the bath before putting anything into it was not something that I was used to. Once the bath was filled to its normal level, I dropped the bomb. Immediately it started effervescing, propelling itself across the water turning it green as it traveled. This was not something that I had been prepared for. For some reason, I had expected that an orange bomb would, well, turn the bath water orange! Still, at least it made it smell nice and orangey. The other thing that I had not been prepared for were the bits of orange which loosened themselves from the bomb as it disintegrated. Admittedly there were only a few pieces of orange, but they still made me pause since the idea of getting into a bath which had bits in it did not really appeal to me.

I did get into the bath though, and whilst it was pleasant it was not the amazing experience which the Lush name sells itself on. I missed the bubbles that I normally have, and I felt rather exposed whilst I was reclining in it. On the plus side, my girlfriend said that I smelt good enough to eat when I got out!

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