A brief update

Well, my dissertation is continuing as planned. With only two weeks now until it has to be handed in (and more like one and a half weeks until it has to be finished and ready to be bound), things are all a little hectic here.

The audio fingerprinting that I spoke about last week actually works, and the fingerprints for all my songs are being created as I type. By my estimation, the fingerprinting should all be finished by wednesday evening (I started on friday evening, and each song is taking about 12 seconds to process), so until then my computer is running at 100% CPU consumption and doing her best not to overheat. Poor girl.

Whilst this fingerprinting has been going on, I’ve been testing a few different algorithms for comparing different songs to each other. Whilst I’ve not been completely happy with any of them as yet, running them has shown me that I’m going to be looking at sub 1/10th of a second times for creating mood based playlists, and I’m completely happy with that!

Now, for those of you who are interested in my monthly site statistics updates, march was another record breaking month. Both unique visitors and total numbers of visitors were up, even though I banned a lot of referral spam bots. Likewise, the total number of viewed pages was up, as was the bandwidth used. These all would have been higher still if it were not for my banning of those spam bots. March was also the month that saw Internet Explorer usage dropping below 50% for the very first time. It’s still the most used browser to visit the site, but Firefox users are closing fast in behind it. It’s good to see so many of you using 1.0.2 already.

I’ve got nothing else to say tonight, so I’ll leave you with a link to Eric Meyer, who has a problem with giving CSS classes presentational names.

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