What does my bookshelf say about me?

Bookshelf o' Books

A couple of months ago, Stuart Colville tagged anyone in sight to do the “What does your bookshelf say about you” meme. Well, better late than never, this is my contribution.

If you click on the picture, you’ll be taken through to the full size version of it, which has lots of lovely notes courtesy of Flickr. So yes, my bookshelf says that I don’t have enough books currently. When Becca and I moved down to London from my parents’ house in Leicester, I basically had to give up a huge number of my novels and old geekery books, simply because there was going to be no way that we’d ever be able to get them all down here.

Of particular note on the photo are Becca’s collection of action figures, and my air guitar that I stole from my office Christmas party last year. You should also note that the geek books have been relegated to the bottom shelf. Ah well - at least they haven’t been relegated to another room!

I’m in the middle of working out what books I’m wanting to buy myself, and adding them to my amazon wishlist so that I can buy them later. Because really - has anyone ever had anyone buy them anything off their wishlist? I you want to prove me wrong and buy me something, then go ahead! If you do I’ll, erm, give you one of my brand spanking new business cards that should be arriving in a couple of days (I’m actually pretty please with them - they’re printed on both sides, with the logo from the top of the site bannered across them). Boy, what an incentive! I can see I’m going to be innundated with packages through my door now, aren’t I?

If anyone else who hasn’t done this already fancies doing it, then go ahead. Don’t forget to tag your photo on Flickr with “bookshelfmeme”.

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