Unfortunately Neil…

It’s meme time, stolen from Eric Meyer on this occasion. Here is “Unfortunately Neil”:

Unfortunately, Neil’s wart treatment went awry and he succeeded in removing the fingers from his left hand.
It is true, I am missing a bit of finger on my left hand, but wart removal is not the reason why.
Unfortunately Neil developed an unhealthy fascination with being on quiz shows a while ago
It’s not that unhealthy, is it? Surely it’s good to want to be the best and win some prizes whilst you’re there?
Even more unfortunately, Neil lives on top of a f*cking great big mountain
A bloody great mountain? In the middle of London? I think not!
Unfortunately, Neil’s vocals could benefit from some more bottom-end in the mix, with each word piercing a little more than the last.
I don’t think my singiing’s that bad - why, I once took the lead in my school’s production of Joseph.
Unfortunately, Neil, the would-be actor, is given the pivotal role.
That’s what I said, yup.
Unfortunately, Neil will have difficulty getting any airplay on any new record no matter how good it is
Because I was in a musical?
Unfortunately, Neil died shortly after our meeting.
It was only a flesh wound - I’ve had worse!
Unfortunately, Neil has been in and out of the hospital several times since then.
Probably should have stayed dead, shouldn’t I?
Unfortunately Neil, there is no easy answer here
Dammit, I guessed as much.
Unfortunately Neil’s position finding was not as accurate as he thought it was
It’s true. I once got lost between Temple tube station and King’s College. For those of you who don’t know London, that’s a one minute walk!
Unfortunately Neil sees fit to distort the historical record when the facts do not conform to the picture he is painting.
Unfortunately, Neil is an all round top guy, and wouldn’t hurt a fly.
Unfortunately Neil’s vocals are a bit brittle and shakey - especially in the chorus.
We’re back to making jibes about my singing now, are we?
Unfortunately, Neil falls flat on his face with this one. Songs that are meant to be fun sound awful when done Neil-style.
You people just won’t let it lie, will you?
Unfortunately, Neil’s dream of entrepreneurship is something that is not shared by his wife.
Well, no. I’m quite happy with the 9-5.30 right now.
Unfortunately, Neil doesn’t allow comments on his blog
Now that’s just a damnable lie. It’s just that nobody ever writes any!

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