How to ask for help with Standardista Table Sorting

Since I released Standardista Table Sorting (download) a couple of months ago, I’ve been constantly surprised by the amount of attention it receives. The article announcing it now has the most comments I’ve ever received about anything (although for page views ‘mod_rewrite - a beginner’s guide’ is still just beating it), and I receive more emails about the module than I do about anything else.

It’s those emails which are at the root of what I want to talk about today. When I released Standardista Table Sorting it was as a project to benefit the web community. What this means to me is that as well as getting to use the “finished product”, the community should also be able to see all the bug reports, feature requests and general pleas for help that go into putting the module together. The problem with people sending these to me via email is that unless I go ahead and write a post like this then no-one else is ever going to see them.

That doesn’t sound like a problem? Well, it is. I’m only one man, with a limited amount of time on my hands. If people used the resources available on SourceForge to make bug reports etc then other people would be able to find the answers to their problems without having to contact me separately, and I’d only have to answer each problem once. It would also mean that other people in the community would be able to answer the cries for help as well, meaning more time would be available to actually develop new features for Standardista Table Sorting. Excellent!

In a way, I’m a victim of my own success. is something I write in my spare time, outside of my full time job. I want to be able to support people and help them when they run into problems, but the duplication of effort that goes into answering so many emails means that there’s very little time for me to increase the functionality of Standardista Table Sorting.

So, from now on, please don’t ask for help with Standardista Table Sorting via email. If you do, you’ll get an email back pointing you to either the Standardista Table Sorting forums, the bug report area or the feature request area. Rest assured, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that more people will be able to be helped more easily this way.

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  1. by me on October 4, 2006 05:52 AM

    why i not able to sort? my record came from database.

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