Standardista Table Sorting

Standardista Table Sorting is an unobtrusive JavaScript module which lets you sort data tables in a webpage, just by adding the class “sortable” to them. It couldn’t be simpler!

To find out more, read the sections below. Of course, you could just download Standardista Table Sorting right now and give it a play yourself!


How to ask for help with Standardista Table Sorting

Since I released Standardista Table Sorting a couple of months ago, I’ve been constantly surprised by the amount of attention it receives. The article announcing it now has the most comments I’ve ever received about anything…

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Standardista Table Sorting v1.1 Readme

The “readme” file for Standardista Table Sorting. Gives you a nice gentle introduction to the module.

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Standardista Table Sorting changelog

A list of the changes made to the Standardista Table Sorting module, version by version.

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