It’s Nekkid Day!

Today is the first annual CSS Naked Day, and as I do like a nice bandwagon I’m jumping on it and taking the styles off my site.

The idea behind the day is to promote web standards and semantic markup. We’ve got to the point now where many more people know that using CSS for laying out pages instead of tables is A Good Thing, but very few people write their HTML semantically. If a page is written semantically, with list elements used for lists, headings for headings (instead of emboldened paragraphs) etc, then when styles are removed from a page it should still be usable. It might not be the prettiest site in the world any more, but you will be able to use it.

If you’re using the Web Developer Toolbar in Firefox and you want to see what a site looks like without styles enabled, then simply press CTRL+SHIFT+S.

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