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So, this last weekend was BarCamp Brighton 2. I’ve already posted about that elsewhere, but what I haven’t blogged about yet is my talk.

Recently I’ve been playing around with Twitter Bots. I had a need to be able to let just the people I work with when someone had brought food into the office, so I created yahoofood. I wanted near real-time updates of when The Ten Word Review was updated, so I created the ttwr bot. I also want to allow people to review things on The Ten Word Review using their mobile phones, so I’m going to be needing to create a bot for that.

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Ignoring Bots in IRC Channels using Colloquy

I’ve recently started using IRC again. Unfortunately, one of the channels that I use is somewhat infested with bots. This is a pity because when there’s signal in the channel it’s very useful stuff to be aware of. So, instead…

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How to ask for help with Standardista Table Sorting

Since I released Standardista Table Sorting a couple of months ago, I’ve been constantly surprised by the amount of attention it receives. The article announcing it now has the most comments I’ve ever received about anything…

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SourceForge CVS Servers Get an Upgrade

A couple of months ago now I decided that it would be a good idea to put Standardista Table Sorting onto SourceForge. There were two main reasons for this…

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iTunes Agent

I’ve only just discovered iTunes Agent, and like most great discoveries it was made completely randomly. iTunes Agent is a little Windows application that allows you to synchronise playlists in iTunes with any MP3 player that connects to your PC…

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Yahoo! User Interface Library Revealed!

A couple of weeks ago, Yahoo released their JavaScript user interface library to the world. This is the very library that Yahoo uses internally for its miriad of products, and so was very likely that it would be highly stable,…

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Copying and Pasting is a danger to your health

All good programmers know that copying and pasting big chunks of code from one place to another instead of refactoring out into a nice reusable method is A Bad Thing. It means that any bugs which were in the…

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BBC Open Source

A couple of days ago, as reported by, the BBC opened up a new Open Source section to its website. To be honest, there isn’t a lot up there that interests me right now, but the fact that…

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iTunes DAAP Servers

I’ve been meaning to post about DAAP servers for quite a while now, and almost got around to it last month when deleet’s DAAP Project wiki picked up my “iTunes streaming now only allows five users per day” blog…

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Obligatory Firefox Post

Firefox 1.0 Final has been released. Go update yourselves now if you’re already using it, and go give it a download and try it if you aren’t. The site is, understandably, being a little slow at the moment though. Keep…

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Public Service Announcement

If you are using Mozilla, Firefox or Thunderbird on a Windows box, you should upgrade to the latest version now. The reason for this is a security vulnerability on the Windows platform involving the shell: protocol handler. It has…

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