Yahoo! User Interface Library Revealed!

A couple of weeks ago, Yahoo released their JavaScript user interface library to the world. This is the very library that Yahoo uses internally for its miriad of products, and so was very likely that it would be highly stable, usable and cross browser compatible. The good news is, it seems that it is. In fact, the user interface team have gone to great pains to tell us exactly how they grade web browsers at Yahoo, and how much support each browser is likely to receive from their libraries. Impressive stuff.

Even so, I didn’t jump on board the moment this User Interface library train pulled into the station. The JavaScript I’m writing just now works quite nicely without using Yahoo’s libraries, and I didn’t really want to feel that I’d become locked in to using them. After all, the fuss and buzz surrounding the release of the libraries might have been just that, so I decided to wait until the fuss about the them had died down and some other people had written some proper feedback about how these libraries actually felt to use.

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