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A big thankyou to Jake Tracey, who a couple of days ago wrote a great blog entry about CSS for interface design, and decided to link to my “Creating Cross Browser Compatible CSS Text Shadows” article. Over the last three days, that one link has accounted for 10 times as much referral traffic than any other website (excluding search engines), so yay! This link was the first time that I’d heard of Jake, but having gone back over his archived blog entries I’ve decided to add him to my list of RSS feeds which I read. From what I’ve seen, I really like as a website - it’s clean, clear and functional. Even better, it has the first use of AJAX that I’ve noticed on a “normal” website that I haven’t just though “well, that was unnecessary” about. Jake uses AJAX for the tabbed interface on the right hand side of his site to switch tabs without having to reload the page. It gives a very nice effect and does exactly what the user would expect. A very good example of a great interface!

In related news, Cody Lindley has also linked to the Text Shadow article in his “Elsewhere, but Worthy” section. Cody’s site is also really well designed, and he has some really great pictures on his blog. Thanks Cody for choosing to link to me.

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