State of the site update…

So, that’s another month over, and what have I done? Well, there have actually been a fair few updates this month. The blog now has an RSS feed, which according to my logs is certainly being used. Because I’ve started writing more on this blog, I finally got around to sorting out an archive section for the blog. I’ve also added the Recent Referers page, which to be honest is more for my own amusement than anyone else’s.

Articles-wise, I added one about “How to Write a Quiz-like Meme”. I’m in the middle now of writing a cross browser compatible text-shadow article.

October also saw being accepted onto the X-Philes list of properly XHTML compliant websites. Traffic for the month rose back to the level it was at three months ago, due I’m sure to the amount of work that I’ve been able to find to do to the site. I shall be making a concerted effort to keep this up during november.

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