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Since the “July Roundup” post, has been growing slowly but steadily. Numbers of visits per day are up 30%, people are spending longer on the site (about 6.5 minutes on average this month, as opposed to 2.5 minutes in July) and there are more pages for them to read. I’ve still got to find the time to write more of the tools that I want to write, and get some more articles written though. I started the final write-up for an article about text shadows a couple of weeks ago, and I still haven’t had time to finish it off (I’ve had various Poster Sessions and reports to produce for my university course). I’ve got another assignment to finish this weekend, but I’ll also be making an attempt to finish the text shadows article - primarily because I know that there’s at least one person out there who is looking forward to reading it.

The MSN Search Blog that I linked to a week or so back has been improving, and is quite an interesting read now. I just wish they wouldn’t keep wrapping things in extra font tags and the like - it makes things “interesting” to look at when I’m reading their entries along with everything else in my RSS aggregator. But that’s a minor point. An entry of theirs that I really quite liked recently was “What we will write about”. So, guess what? I’m going to copy them!


There’s only one person who will be writing entries in this blog, and that’s me, Neil Crosby. Everything written in here is purely my own opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of the entity.


There are two main things that will be written about in this blog. Firstly, any updates to will be mentioned in here. Secondly, I’ll be writing about anything that’s happening in the world of computers that I think will be interesting to the sort of people who read this site.


I’m going to try and keep on track to write two or three entries per week. This should be manageable. Of course, sometimes I’ll write more, and sometimes less, but I’ll try to keep to an average of two or three entries a week.


Because I like to be useful. Usefulness is the watch-word of If I think that something will be of use to someone else, then I’ll stick a link onto the blog.


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