Get publicising!

Today’s updates to have been to do with publicity. If you notice, there’s a new box-out at the top-right of the standard display, called “Publicise”. Well, guess what? They’re there to help you tell people about the site!

The first link takes you straight to a page on that allows you to add an entry for the page that you’re on. I know that many of you will have your own “ this” bookmarklets on the browsers already, but I’m a big fan of, so I thought that this would be a nice way of showing that support, as well as hopefully letting more people know about in the process.

The second link takes you to a “send to a friend” page, which will email the link of the referring page to a recipient of your choice. I’m pretty pleased with this script, since it has a few little anti-spam measures built into it to hopefully stop it from being abused. If you have any problems with using it, please leave a comment here.

This weekend I’m travelling back to Leicester to do a bit of network-setup work. Hopefully on the train I’ll get a bit of article writing done, but don’t hold your breath!

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