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I’ve just now gone to look at the page for Standardista Table Sorting to see if anyone new has’ed the article today (yes, I am that needy), and to my surprise the URL page has been very nicely revamped.

Gone is the huge vertical list detailing every single person who has ever delished the page and all the tags that they each used. Gone is the need to search through the list to find your entry huddled up somewhere in the middle, fighting for air. Things have suddenly become a lot clearer.

Now, when you look at the page for a’ed URL, you see your entry right at the top of the page, in pride of place. Underneath it is a reverse chronological list of all the user comments that the URL has received, along with who wrote them. If a user’ed a page but didn’t make a comment then they don’t appear here. This on its own makes it a lot easier to see what people have been saying, and gain a quick overview of what public opinion of a page is.

At the right of the URL page is a section holding the common tags for the URL, with more commonly used ones in a larger font. Immediately, it’s nice and easy to see what the “important” tags for a page are, which is nice. Under this is a section containing related pages ( still doesn’t think anything is related to Standardista Table Sorting, ho hum), followed by a big old list of all the people who’ed this page.

I like this new URL page. It’s a vast improvement over the old one, and I look forward to seeing more nice iterative changes like this soon.

comments (1) | write a comment | permalink | 9 March 2006 acquired by yahoo

Good lord. has been acquired by yahoo. Not really a surprise I guess, yet still it suprises me. Congratulations Joshua and team….

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Tag my posts with

I implemented this on quite some time ago, but since the idea is being picked up by other people now, I thought that I’d remind you all about it. At the top right hand corner of every page…

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JBOL - Just a Bunch of Links

Well, it’s time for another clearout of my “blog-it” folder. Some of these have been gathering dust for quite a while now, waiting for me to have the time to give them a proper write-up. But, as always, time…

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del.icio.usly popular

Yup, it’s time for another post. A week ago, on Valentine’s Day, Xabier Vázquez released a new tool for - the enticingly named The way that Xabier looks at the popular pages on is not…

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Behind the slashdot wave, and am I

Tarnation! The one time that I could have written about something before it got slashdotted (about a week before in this case, go figure) and I didn’t because I didn’t think that the service in question was, well, good…

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Now that’s some stuff…

I’ve written about various times before, but I feel it’s worth yet another plug - it really is a great site. I now have it as one of the pages that opens up when I open up Mozilla…

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Get publicising!

Today’s updates to have been to do with publicity. If you notice, there’s a new box-out at the top-right of the standard display, called “Publicise”. Well, guess what? They’re there to help you tell people about the site!…

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Even more

Oh yes, and you remember a couple of months ago, that I was pimping Well, firefox has started now too (down at the bottom of the page)! It’s nice to see the things I’m using get flagged by…

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Social Bookmarks

For quite a while now, I’ve been using a LiveJournal account as a permanent online store of links to webpages that I’ve found interesting and that I think I’ll find useful again in the future. The “problem” with this…

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