Internet Explorer Team to hire “a technical evangelist”…

Becca saying 'Oh Yeah' So, the Internet Explorer team wants to hire a technical evangelist, do they? A more cynical person might say that they wanted to rip the evangelism straight out of them, leaving them a bitter twisted shell of a man. Thankfully though, I’m not quite that cynical just yet.

I’m really hoping that this means that Internet Explorer’s standards adherence is going to get a little better. I know that all the reports so far have indicated that there won’t be much of an improvement in its standards adherence, and that the majority of time spent on Internet Explorer 7 is going to be spent on security, but the fact that they are looking for a technical evangelist hopefully means that they’ll get someone who will push for good support of things like CSS2 and full PNG support. Having an XHTML parser would be nice too.

Well, here’s hoping that this is a step in the right direction for standards compliance, rather than something that’ll turn into nothing.

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  1. by greatred on April 21, 2005 12:53 PM

    Didn’t I hear somewhere that they said (something like) CSS2 is an incomplete standard, so we’re not going to put it in IE7. I can only hope they reverse this decision. Or perhaps even include some CSS3 (that which looks stable of it anyway). I’m beginning to fold to the temptations of the “IE bug hack to fix a bug in IE” way of web-design. Or even, shock-horror, serving up differing CSS files from PHP scripts depending on the submitted user-agent value, just to keep the complexity of the CSS hacks down when trying to get it to work with more than one browser.

    And yes… PNG all the way I hope. And SVG too! If IE takes up SVG then I will be able to use this wonderful medium for vector graphics to replace nasty raster images on my HTML files, without fear that at least 90% of the web-browsing masses will be presented with a nasty white rectangle with a red cross in it where an important diagram should be.

    There you go, mate. Lots of lovely markup for your blog comment :)

  2. by Neil Crosby [TypeKey Profile Page] on April 21, 2005 01:28 PM

    Yeah, I heard that too. Hopefully they’ll end up at least implementing some stuff though.

    As for the serving of different CSS files to IE, you do know about Internet Explorer Conditional Comments, don’t you? They’re a nice way of sending IE differing stylesheets that doesn’t actually break any standards. Basically, they’re just comments that Internet Explorer will interpret as a bit of code whereas everything else will just see an HTML comment. It’s an IE extension which actually has use!

    And thanks for the markup, matey ;) I’ve actually started revamping the comment code now - the first step was realising that the markup I was producing was semantically terrible - lots of divs with their left margins changed. The comments threads are now (shock horror!) unordered lists. Much nicer.

  3. by greatred on April 21, 2005 01:56 PM

    Yeah I’ve been using that if IE clause in my own homepage lately to simply disable some of the fancier stuff that I was playing with in Firefox but Just Couldn’t Be Bothered To Fix For IE TM.

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