Problems creating a SELECT box using the DOM in Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6 has lots of “issues” when it comes to displaying SELECT boxes - displaying over the top of any other elements, on a page, not letting its OPTIONS be wider than the surrounding SELECT box, the list goes on. Last week it was my turn to come across a new issue that I could not find reference to anywhere.

I was at work, writing a bit of JavaScript that created a SELECT box using the DOM. Specifically, I wanted a list box that showed a number of OPTIONs at once (i.e. not a dropdown box), which I set up by giving a value greater than one to the SELECT’s size. Simple. Testing the code in Firefox showed it doing exactly what I wanted - it created a list box. When I came to test in Internet Explorer however, the list box was nowhere to be seen - instead, I got the dropdown I was specifically trying to avoid!

Naturally, this caused some consternation. I had to have a SELECT box that showed a certain number of rows at once - one that showed a dropdown instead would just not do. The first thing I did, before yelling foul at Internet Explorer was to test my code in a few other browsers. None of them showed a problem. I ran my code through JSLint, and it was pretty happy. With this done, I created a test case. At this stage I wasn’t exactly sure what was causing the problem, so I coded up a quick page that displayed three SELECT boxes next to each other; one which was completely defined in HTML, one created using the DOM and the “createElement” method, and one created using innerHTML.

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Mac IE Dead

I know this is old news now, but there are enough of you out there who don’t actually read Slashdot who might want to know. As of four days ago, IE for the Mac is officially dead: In June…

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IE7 leaps and bounds better than Firefox? Not in a fair fight!

A couple of days ago I bought this month’s issue of PC Plus magazine (#235, October 2005). It’s the only computer magazine that I regularly buy; primarily because of Wilf’s Workshop, but also because it’s normally fairly balanced about…

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Printing website kills machine, news at eleven!

Turns out that Internet Explorer throws a big wobbly if you try to print a webpage which uses “tags” as an id. Who knew? I’d be quite interested to know how they went about sleuthing out that it was…

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Some new information about Internet Explorer 7 beta 1

Yes, I know that I’m a little late to be blogging about this, but that can’t be helped (this weekend was the weekend of the pre-post-dissertation-ending-party). On Friday, a couple of details were released about the Internet Explorer 7…

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New web browsers, new standards awareness…

New releases of the Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and Opera web browsers were released to the world this week. Whilst the Firefox, Mozilla and Safari updates were just point releases, they’re still pretty important to download if you’re currently using…

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Internet Explorer Team to hire “a technical evangelist”…

So, the Internet Explorer team wants to hire a technical evangelist, do they? A more cynical person might say that they wanted to rip the evangelism straight out of them, leaving them a bitter twisted shell of a man….

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You use what???

Yesterday I remembered that I hadn’t upgraded my local copy of awstats since v6.2 (the current stable version is 6.4). The upgrade from 6.2 contained a few security bug fixes and things like that, but since I run my…

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Wednesday Clean-out

Once again, it’s time for me to clear out my list of links that I keep meaning to blog about, but haven’t got round to. I might start doing this clean-out on a weekly basis now… Browser Speed Comparisons…

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Thursday Links

No real entry today, just a bunch of links that I keep meaning to post. I Ate iPod Shuffle - A geeky poem extolling the virtues of eating the Shuffle. Lego PC - Usable PC cases built out of…

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