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Billy Bunny is happy I’ve been asked a few times recently about the little pictures that I tend to have floating around in the top right hand corner of these entries. What are they doing there? Exactly what do that have to do with what you’re writing about? That sort of thing.

The truth of the matter is that they don’t generally have anything to do with what I’m writing about, and that I just happened to like that picture. About a month ago now I wrote an entry about my work habits which I felt would be improved by the addition of a few pictures, so I took a few, squashed them down, and added them to the entry. After I’d written that one, I decided that the addition of a little photo each time would give that little bit of extra visual interest to draw the eye in. Plus, I like taking photos.

So, the “photo in the corner thing” was born. Where I can I try to make sure that the picture has something to do with the entry that I’m writing, but more often than not I’ll see some little thing in my room, set up my portable photo studio (an A3 pad of paper, a box to sit behind it to curve the paper upwards, a desk lamp with a natural light light-bulb, and and white tray to act as a reflector) and take a few pictures. What I’ve learnt about taking “product photos”, I learnt from a page that I’ve now managed to lose - why didn’t I delish it? I’ll update this entry as soon as I’ve found it again.

So there you go. The little photos don’t mean anything - they’re just a way of me making myself take a few more photos and hopefully improving my photography skills as I go along. Now, I hope that Billy Bunny is happy with that explanation.

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