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I know, it’s been a long time since I made an entry here. There have been a lot of ups and downs in my life recently which have caused me to ignore this site. Here are a few of them…

Half way through may, I found out that my girlfriend (whom I love very much, and want to spend the rest of my life with) had become pregnant. This was something that neither of us had planned for, and completely hit us for six. Unfortunately, due to health reasons and the fact that neither of us were at a point in our lives where bring a child into this world was plausible, the pregnancy had to be terminated. This was the biggest and hardest decision that I have had to partake in during my entire life so far. It’s not a decision which was made lightly, but it was the decision which was made and is the right one for us right now. I love Becca with all my heart, and I do sincerely hope that we are able to have children a few years down the line.

The timing of this news could not have been worse. At the same time that this was going on my revision period for my final exams at university was starting. Because of what was going on with Becca I was unable to find any impetus to revise at all, and I was very worried that I was throwing away my entire time at university. Thankfully, with the support of my friends around me and the university, I managed to turn up to my exams with a very small amount of revision done. Although I had been a straight first student for my entire time at university I felt sure that this set of exams was going to pull down my grades far enough to net me a 2:1. Of course, a 2:1 is a good degree to come out with, but I’ve always striven to be the best, and I know that in my heart I wouldn’t have been happy with that.

So, from the end of may until today I have been utterly convinced that I would be leaving university with a 2:1. This morning my exam results were published, and although I didn’t get the results that I would normally be capable of I still managed to pull out a first. So, I am now Neil Crosby, BEng. Hons. with a First in Software Engineering from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. And I’m a very happy boy :)

So, things are getting better for me again now. I get to see Becca for the first time in a month next week, as well as getting to visit a group of friends who I’ve not seen for about a year. Life is looking up. Now, lets start writing some fresh content for the site…

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