iBook, and forthcoming updates

My new iBook arrived on saturday (finally - couriers are not good people), and it’s lovely. I have, however, found a couple of small issues under Safari. Nothing major, just indenting of the first line of some paragraphs, and things like that. So nothing major at all, just (I’d imagine) default CSS which Safari uses. I’ll sort out my CSS so that it over-rides those properties this weekend, and “all” browsers will once again look the same.

This morning I started working on the code for a page for the site which will display the top referring domains, and the top referring page for each of those domains. Some domains are being deliberately ignored (such as workingwith.me.uk itself!), and some are blacklisted, so that they’ll never turn up in the list with links back to them. I will however, add a function to the page so that it will output a list of the blacklisted domains - it might be useful to someone.

The page will poll the most recent couple of Mb of web access logs once a day to produce a new output, so the top ten list of referrers will always be pretty relevant. I’ll put the page live as soon as I’ve gone through all my logs, making sure that all sites from the past few months that should be blacklisted are blacklisted.

In other news, A List Apart still hasn’t released a new article!

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